Bargain finder: Inexpensive jewelry

Bargain finder: Inexpensive jewelry

Nicole’s at it again. So demanding! Here’s what my favorite unofficial editor has to say:

I think you should do a cheap…but nice jewelry/accessory section. I need to accessorize more. Not too trendy…some things I could wear for a while. I love Banana’s accessories – they have a lot of them online now, but they are a little pricey…3 things could run $100. Any thoughts?

Nicole’s the boss! When it comes to cheap jewelry, I usually go either bargain, crafty or vintage. Here are my picks for Nicole with each option:

Bargain – Forever 21 is a cheap jewelry mecca. Most of it is super-trendy, but some pieces would work for conservative-dresser Nicole. I pick this bangle, these adorable earrings and this ring. At less than $5 each, Nicole can afford to stock up!

Crafty – Feria Urbana is the ultimate city craft fair. Local jewelry designers come from around San Francisco to peddle their wares at discount prices. Since Nicole lives in Sacramento, we need the designers to come to her. Peggy Li was one of my favorites at the last fair and she has a website. It’s more expensive than Forever 21 by far, but also a lot more unique. I pick these tiger’s eye earrings and this bracelet for Nicole. Prices are even better in person.

Vintage – is a great place to shop for inexpensive vintage jewelry. You can sort results by price! Most of the pieces are a bit of a stretch for Nicole, but I think she should go for it! I pick this bracelet, this brooch and this bracelet.

How’d we do Nicole? Any good bargain jewelry finds? Did I beat Banana Republic?

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