Coveted: Tapestry tweed coat

Coveted: Tapestry tweed coat

It seems like all the winter coats for sale now are soo boring. Black wool, grey wool, puffy down…blah. I spent months last winter wearing the same black puffy over and over again. Never again!

Instead, I would like this crazy coat from Biya. Now this is a coat you can really sink your teeth into! It starts with dark tweed and is then decorated from top to bottom with tapestry style embroidery. There is also one in camel.

Only $549 for a coat that promises to chase the winter doldrums away. What a bargain!

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  1. Anonymous at 9:14 pm

    Hello Em: We are now settled in our cozy island motel after a lovely fery ride from Vancouver. This is lovely area and one that you two would enjoy.
    Obviously the lil ol’ laptop from UOP is working and I can get email on my charter account. I don’t have my email addresses so please email me when you can.
    This IS a lovely coat. Love, M