Crafty: Make a care package

Crafty: Make a care package

I was kind of having a rough day today until I saw that Jean received her care package and that it helped her get over her own bad day. It’s a win-win!

I sent Jean (my little sister, in case you didn’t know) a package with a few goodies a week ago. Hopefully, it will help her not feel so isolated way out there in North Carolina.

I chose fun things from around San Francisco and a few items I knew she was coveting. Each item was wrapped individually with the wrapping paper I bought at Old Navy that turned out to be super thick textbook cover paper. Jean was instructed to open one package a week or one as needed.

Everyone has someone in their life that needs a care package. Why not put one together this weekend!

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  1. Nicole at 6:03 pm

    why are you having a rough day? anything wrong? its friday! any fun weekend plans? i bet you are bummed i am not coming to visit this weekend.

  2. jordan at 6:17 pm

    I bought a bunch of wrapping paper from Old Navy too. It went on sale so I stocked up!

  3. mrsem Author at 6:24 pm

    Nicole: Nothing major. Just some challenges at work and the butt injury! Rob’s parents are coming to visit this weekend.

    Jordan: Isn’t it great paper! Totally unweildy because it is so thick, but the final product looks nice.