What to Wear: Flats for Fall

What to Wear: Flats for Fall

I am so tired of wearing flat shoes every day. All my beautiful heels are lined up in the closet while I wear the same pair of black ballet flats. And when I try to sneak on a pair of pumps or boots my physical therapist catches me. It’s one of the perils of having the PT office next door. So I attempted to put together a fun outfit today that was flat shoe friendly:

  • Shoes – Red leather flats with a buckle. Not as cute as my heels…but not a complete snore-fest.
  • Sweater – I have this in red from Anthropologie. Really flattering in person. Cute when matched with a fun tank top.
  • Skirt – I love a skirt with some volume. This version in brown pleats can be worn all year. Boden calls it a “life-enhancing skirt!”
  • Clutch – $15 from Target!
  • Watch – I have a rose gold and ruby watch almost exactly like this.
  • Necklace – Gold locket.
  • Cupcake – From the Design Center cafe. Yum!

Even I have to admit that this outfit is pretty fun. Maybe wearing flat shoes everyday isn’t so terrible!

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  1. jordan at 8:14 am

    This is my favorite outfit ever. I’m totally copying this. The red clutch!

  2. ambika at 10:43 pm

    Ooo, makes me want to break out my red clutch. Very, very classic yet cute.