What to Wear: House of Prime Rib

What to Wear: House of Prime Rib

We’re going to the famous House of Prime Rib on Wednesday to celebrate Amber’s birthday. I am really excited because this seems like one of those funky old fashioned restaurants that I usually love. They’ve been serving beef and creamed spinach table side for San Franciscans since 1949.

Never mind the fact that they basically only serve beef and I eat everything except beef, it’s going to be fabulous. Here’s my vintage inspired outfit:

  • Poblano Dress – Lovely and not too outrageous at $160.
  • Cropped Cardigan – Very vintage.
  • Necklace – This outfit requires a serious piece of costume jewelry.
  • Halle Pumps – Oh Linea Paolo, you’ve done it again! Delicate, femine, adorable.
  • Clutch – Adorned with peacocks and circa 1963.
  • Prime Rib Cart – One of the stand out features of House of Prime Rib.

This is going to be fun! I wonder if I should wear gloves?

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  1. Jean at 8:11 pm

    Ryan Heath and Adam Beck, from SLOHS, work there. I think Ryan is the manager. So watch out for that madness. Cute outfit though!

  2. Jean at 8:42 pm

    that is Ryan Heath. I think. Adam Beck.. had an older brother, Parker maybe? They were cuties, on the soccer team and such. Ryan.. I dunno.. he was in band with me and dated my friend Kristen.

  3. jordan at 8:53 pm

    This is hilarious! I love how you’ve photoshopped the big grill in the background! Very pretty outfit.