What to Wear: Peacock

What to Wear: Peacock

My sister Kate runs an aviary in Oregon to collect and sell exotic feathers. Most of her clients are artists and fly fishermen. When she sent me a few of her site’s gorgeous greeting cards, I was inspired to create an outfit around the vibrant colors in peacock feathers.

  • Blouse – I love the color and ruffles of this shirt, not too sure about all that extra fabric on the bottom.
  • Sweater – The color is a bit extreme but it really ties together the feather colors.
  • Pencil Skirt – Is there anything more versatile than a brown pencil skirt?.
  • Purse – I love the yellow color of this velvet clutch!
  • Shoes – These shoes kill me! Arrgg! They are so cute…but alas they have heels.
  • Earrings – The flower design on these reminds me of the head tassels on peacocks.

Ooo la la! You would be one stylish peahen in that combo!

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  1. Katie at 8:27 pm

    That sweater isn’t extreme pal! Us redheads rock that color better than anyone!

    This is my favorite outfit you’ve done so far. Although, I’m with you on the blouse length…might be strange on.