Wedding Wednesday: Votive Holders

Wedding Wednesday: Votive Holders

Plain glass votive holders would be fine for our tables. But I love the idea of something with a tiny bit more flair. I was looking for rustic thick glass votive holders, with no luck yet, when I remembered Jamali Garden. I bought my centerpiece vases from this supply company in New York.

I like this design in smoke, these in white frost or this design in amber.

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  1. Anonymous at 9:49 pm

    YOu should try the Dollar store for you’re votives. I bought a ton for my wedding and no one was the wiser – Melssa

  2. Mikael & Senja at 6:36 am

    hey, great ideas! i love the paper flowers!

    why don’t you check ikea? they have some nice votives. i don’t know if the wood ones are too heavy for your decoration but they are nice too and you can get bigger tea candles as well there.

    i also really like the last ones.

    have fun planning, my wedding was almost 6 months ago 🙂