Party Recipe: Alternative Thanksgiving

Party Recipe: Alternative Thanksgiving

Gourmet this month has a great feature with recipes for different types of Thanksgiving celebrations. My favorite was the menu designed for four guests to celebrate.

The best part was replacing the traditional roast turkey with a stuffed turkey roulade. I love cooking up pork loin roulades for dinner parties because it is so easy and looks so impressive. I imagine it would produce a very tasty turkey dish as well! The rest of the menu is equally fun; including carrot soup, creamed leeks and miniature chocolate cakes. I recommend that Jean tries it for her Thanksgiving this year!

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  1. Sean Carter at 5:21 am

    Well a lot of us are coming up with something new for this year’s Thanksgiving….and that’s not bad…..well hey if you want some more unique ideas and suggestions on Thanksgiving then just visit my Thanksgiving Blog and enjoy all its got. And hey while you’re at it don’t forget to share your thoughts!!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Anonymous at 5:37 pm

    Hey Emily, could you please post that recipe for the turky roulet you are were talking about. I really want to try making it.