Things I Love Today: Reba

Things I Love Today: Reba

It’s embarrassing confessions time. This one is pretty bad: Over the last few months I have become a die-hard Reba McEntire fan.

It all started when I watched South Pacific in Concert on PBS. Reba was so perfect as Nelli! Then, I bought the CD from the performance and became obsessed with playing it really loudly in the car (apologies to Rob and Margaret). Especially track #20, A Wonderful Guy, for which I’ve pretty much choreographed my own routine.

Here’s the clincher: I am now a loyal watcher of Reba on the Lifetime channel (Lifetime?! Sweet Moses!). If I’m home before six, I dash in to turn on this show. It’s so corny but I really love it! And I’ve caught Rob laughing during it too! It’s an amazingly wholesome guilty pleasure.

Now it is your turn to confess: What is your favorite embarrassing TV show?

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  1. ~Skye~ at 10:07 pm

    Well mine is not necessarily embarrasing but I am 100% addicted to the LOST series!!!! I can’t get enough ~ I love it!!!!

  2. Anonymous at 3:34 pm

    I am not embarassed in the least to watch 90210 or Lost.

    But I watch…shhhh!…Gilmore Girls religiously.