5 Random Things About Me

5 Random Things About Me

Sara tagged me to post five random things about myself. This is hard because I feel like I’ve disclosed so many random things about myself on this blog already!

1. I attended language-immersion elementary school and learned to write in Spanish before English. I used to be fluent, now my skills are limited to eavesdropping on the bus.

2. I’ve been shipwrecked.

3. I was vice president of my junior high Future Homemakers of America club (now called the more politically correct: “Family, Career and Community Leaders of America“) and Social Chair for student government in high school.

4. I don’t eat beef…but I do eat pretty much everything else.

5. I’ve been to 10 foreign countries (China, Italy, France, Ireland, England, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Mexico and Costa Rica) but only seven American states (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Georgia and New York).

Those are pretty random, right? I tag Love.Boxes, White Skinned Goddess and Rob to do this next.

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  1. love.boxes at 11:52 pm

    Ok MissEm. I’ll be tagged, but you can’t just say that you’ve been ship wrecked and leave it at that. Hello?? What happened and how were you un- ship wrecked? 🙂 Tiffany

  2. mrsem Author at 11:58 pm

    It’s a looong story! Basically my family sailed down the coast of California and ended up accidentally running aground and being rescued. It wasn’t too dramatic, we and the boat all escaped unharmed. But it is fun to be able to tell people I’ve been shipwrecked!

  3. Sara at 5:04 pm

    i like your 5 random things!

    did you go to spanish immersion in Davis? My parents almost sent me there but I was too young so in the end I went to private kindergarten for a year. funny, we were almost in school together 🙂

  4. mrsem Author at 7:54 pm

    Yep, it was in Davis! It’s funny how many times our paths probably crossed in the land of Birks and Volvos way back in the day 😉