Things I Love Today: Chocolate Heart

Things I Love Today: Chocolate Heart

Rob gave me this chocolate heart from Joseph Schmidt for Valentine’s Day last night (their store is down the street from our apartment). It is filled with six truffles and the “shell” is made from really good dark chocolate. I ate half of one of the sides before going to dinner and almost left the house with chocolate all over my face!

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  1. Marissa at 8:11 pm

    Mmmmm. Chocolatte.

    The little cadbury eggs (milk chocolate with crispy outer shell) are now in the stores. I had some this morning and may be the little guys until Easter . . .

  2. mrsem Author at 8:54 pm

    Mmm…In Ireland, they sell cadbury cream eggs all year round. There’s a reason I gained 20 pounds when I lived in Dublin!