Things I Love Today: Amco Bowls

Things I Love Today: Amco Bowls

I still haven’t fully recovered from the demise of the Martha Stewart store a few years ago. They had the best things! The hotel silver collection, the gardening boots…each and every item was just perfect.

A friend gave me a set of these non-skid Amco mixing bowls from the catalog for my birthday. Mine are the same as this set except with a “Martha” green rubber coating on the bottom instead of blue or black.

The size and shape of the the stainless steel bowls are idea and the non-stick bottom is surprisingly handy. They’re perfect, just as you would expect from Martha!

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  1. hyb at 8:25 pm

    I used to love getting those MS catalogs, but I do occasionally pop into KMart to stock up on the cake plates and outdoor stuff. It’s not as nice as the old stuff, though. I love these nonskid bowls!