Unaffordable House of the Week

Unaffordable House of the Week

Rob and I have both fallen in love with this two bedroom condo that just went up for sale down the street. Giant rooms, two gas fireplaces, dark stained floors, a sunny kitchen and a big back yard.

All of that for only $769,000! Damn….We could technically kind of afford it, just so long as neither of us ever stopped working and didn’t have any other use in mind for any of our money. The housing market in San Francisco is endlessly depressing.

(PS – The weekend round-up will be posted tonight instead of this morning. I left my camera at home with all the photos from the awesome Chinese New Year Parade.)

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  1. Beth at 8:54 pm

    Same in Dublin. But I still don’t know if I could tear myself away! Maybe for SF… 😉