What to Wear: Australia via LAX

What to Wear: Australia via LAX

Today’s shopping challenge is a really good one and comes from Marissa:

In about a week and a half I am traveling to Australia to visit family. We will have an 10 hour layover in LAX and will travel around LA to pass the time (beaches, shopping) before we board the plane for the 15 hour flight to Melbourne, Australia, We will check our baggage in all the way, so what we wear (and have in our carry on bag) will be all that we will have to refresh and present ourselves when deboarding almost two days later Down Under.

My question: any tips on traveling the red-eye comfortably, being fashionable in LA for the day and pulled together OK to make a good impression at the end of it all? I am thinking cotton (for comfort) and layers (for the cold airplane), but would love any suggestions.

That is going to be one mighty trip! Here’s my recommendation for an outfit that works on the plane, in LA and for arrival in the Australian winter:

Tank – Along with palm trees and celebrities, overpriced cotton basics are a part of LA iconography. $40 and very soft from C&C California.
Tee – Top your expensive tank with an expensive matching henley. Similar results can be achieved from Old Navy, etc.
Slacks – More comfortable and polished alternative to jeans. I love this type of pant in a nice light grey.
Sweater – For the cold plane and cold arrival in Australia.
Bag – Big enough to hold everything you’ll need for the epic voyage.
Flip flops – Classic flip flop from La Redoute is perfect for the beach in LA.
Sneakers – I’ve been addicted to my pair of La Bamba’s for almost two years. Hands down best sneaker ever! You’ll want something more than flip flops when you land.
Bracelet – In security checkpoint friendly plastic.
Sunglasses – Aviators are a great match.

Have fun in Australia Marissa!

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  1. Marissa at 10:29 pm

    Your tips are wonderful. Thanks for the reminder on the sunglasses and tip with the flip-flops. I am always cold on the airplane, so a sweater will be a life-saver.

    Thank you Miss Em (soon to be a MRS. Em–congrats on the engagement!).

  2. mrsem Author at 10:54 pm

    I’m glad I caught you before you left! Have a great vacation!

  3. Cordelia at 1:07 am

    (Delurking here… Found your blog via Oh Happy Day, and am now an addict!)

    A very stylish, practical solution. I’m planning a trip overseas soon, and I like the thought and style of this travelling outfit.

    I’ll add my own tip for a long-haul trips: pack an extra pair of socks, underwear, and a spare tank in your carry-on. After doing LA, you can change in an airport bathroom and feel refreshed.

    Have a great trip, Marissa!

  4. shomore at 5:36 pm

    Well done, even to the last detail in considering the plastic bracelet!