Food: It’s-It

Food: It’s-It

The It’s-It. Quintessential San Francisco summer treat. You are seriously missing out if you haven’t had one of these ice cream sandwiches before. Two cinnamon-y, salty oatmeal cookies, ice cream and a crisp chocolate coating.

They come in vanilla, mint, chocolate and cappuccino. Each one more delicious than the last. Not sold yet? Look at this photo. It is dangerous that the corner market across the street carries the full variety.

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  1. Cari at 2:53 pm

    Those look so good. I wonder if they would ship them to the East Coast…might not be good for my weight loss plan.

  2. Miss L at 2:56 pm

    Oh my god… I can’t ever look at the picture.. they look sooo good!

  3. Tanya at 3:07 pm

    Looks fabulous! Im a sucker for anything creamy or icy. I live about 4 blocks from a Locopops which is a local paleta chain and it is verrrrry tempting! I know they have a shop in Chapel Hill that your sister would probably enjoy, if she hasnt dicovered already 🙂

  4. CJ at 3:17 pm

    Step aside Rice-A-Roni- there’s a new San Francisco treat. I miss them living out here in NC.

  5. Allison and Jonathan at 5:05 pm

    Omigod, my grandmother used to buy me those from a dollar store here in Los Angeles. And they used to sell them at Dodgers Stadium, too. But Aramark has taken over and the dollar store is long gone.

  6. Meg at 8:12 pm

    It was worth moving back across country for these. I’ve loved them as long as I can remember.

  7. syleegurl at 10:01 pm

    Emily! I have to come over soon just so I can get some at that little market…

    Treats after doing ribbon embroidery maybe? 🙂

  8. mrsem Author at 10:02 pm

    Mmmm…that sounds like an awesome plan. Any news about the condo?

  9. madichan at 5:55 am

    My housemate buys one, and eats a quarter at a time. He’s either trying to watch the calories, or prolong the tastiness experience.

  10. amber {daisy chain} at 9:05 pm

    these are my all time favorite night time treat, I always go with the classic vanilla, but my hubby loves the coffee.

  11. Wendy at 2:17 am

    oh yum!!! i just found these at my local market in Kirkland, WA. I’m eating one right this minute 🙂