Things I Love Today: Coconut Soap

Things I Love Today: Coconut Soap

June is not San Francisco’s finest month. The city’s weather has a tendency to go to pot in a phenomenon called “June Gloom.” While the rest of the country is wearing sun dresses and flip flops, San Franciscans are putting on turtlenecks and jackets. It is 53 degrees outside right now.

But no matter. There are plenty of ways to feel like it is summer without it actually…well, feeling like it is summer. Corn, peaches and watermelon are always a good place to start. And showering in the morning with a bar of coconut soap is a sure fire way to get a little bit of that summer feeling.

I’ve been using a bar of organic, made in an African village, free trade coconut soap my friend Margaret gave me. But I’m sure this coconut soap from Body Shop will do the same trick.

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  1. ashlynn at 4:45 pm

    I love to smell coconut when it is cooler as well – just imagine you are here in St. George enjoying the 100’s!

  2. tiffany at 7:43 pm

    We’ve had almost a full week of your San Francisco June weather here in Utah, and I’m done with it. Perhaps I need a bar of coconut soap to cope.

  3. e at 10:42 pm

    what coconut soap did margaret give you? i’m intrigued.

  4. k8 at 6:26 pm

    Southern California has been annoying cold as well. June gloom is frustrating!