Weekend Round-Up: Favorite Things

Weekend Round-Up: Favorite Things

Last weekend was so perfect and relaxing! Rob and I drove down to San Luis Obispo on Friday night and arrived about 10:30. After a gloriously quiet and dark night of sleep, we joined Margaret for breakfast on Saturday morning. It was sunny and 75 degrees out! Just right for breakfast burritos and lattes at Linnaea’s patio.

After breakfast, we walked around downtown for a little shopping. I was so excited to see that our friend’s band, Scissors for Lefty, had their new CD for sale at Boo-Boo’s Records! (You can buy it from Amazon too!)

It was too nice out to shop, so we grabbed a few beers with Margaret and sat on the creek patio at Frog and Peach. At 2:00, it was time for the nephew’s birthday party. It was so nice to visit with everyone and so fun to see that the sock-monkey was a hit.

At 7:00, we met Margaret and Shane for a delicious dinner at Big Sky. We felt like such grown ups at San Luis’ best organic, fresh restaurant. After dinner, we went to watch Knocked Up at the downtown movie theater.

Another great night of sleep followed by another gorgeously warm day! We ran over to the local coffee shop for breakfast and ran into an old co-worker in the process. For the next few hours, we just relaxed, watched the birds and read in my parent’s living room.

At 1:00, Rob and I loaded up the car and put up a welcome home sign for my parents (they got back from vacation late last night). We decided to take the scenic way back to the city, driving through San Simeon, Big Sur and Carmel. Drives like these make me never want to leave California!

Back home at 7:30, we ordered sushi delivery and worried about the new piano that has finally arrived upstairs. You can look through all my photos from the weekend online here.

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  1. love.boxes at 9:05 pm

    See. Sushi delivery is just another one of those things that we don’t have in the burbs. Yum!

  2. Sara at 9:17 am

    cute pics! and good work on the sock monkey!!
    Its so funny to see someone I went to school with on your blog, did she tell you we managed to find each other at the reunion?

  3. mo at 12:51 am

    Oooh- Scissors for Lefty rocked at BFD last weekend!