To Do: Pickles

To Do: Pickles

There is nothing better than a good pickle! I’m a fan of cucurbitacea in all forms, but I had never tried to make pickles myself until last night.

Step 1: Find cheap cucumbers. I got mine for $0.60 a pound at a fruit stand in SLO.

Step 2: Shop. You’ll need vinegar, spices, garlic, salt (less than you think) dill and jars. Be prepared for the very weird looks you’ll get for buying canning supplies at the castro Safeway (bondage gear=normal, mason jars=freak).

Step 3: Chop and combine. So easy! I roughly followed this recipe for the pickles and this recipe for the carrots. The resulting brine smell is divine.

Step 4: Can and wait. I didn’t seal my jars because I figure they’ll all be eaten before the end of the month. The pickles need a few days to seep and the carrots should be ready tonight. I can’t wait to try them!

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  1. hyb at 8:01 pm

    I’ve had a bag of pickling spices sitting around for a couple of months, looking for the right recipe. Great timing – I can’t wait to try these recipes!

  2. e at 9:00 pm

    last summer when i was in oregon visiting the in-laws, all i ate were pickles and corn on the cob. i’m a complete pickle fiend.

    i’ll have to try making my own super garlicky, super spicy pickles.