What to Wear: Washington DC

What to Wear: Washington DC

Lela recently wrote in with fun request for an upcoming visit to the Capitol:

I’m going to visit my sister in Washington, D.C. in a couple of weeks (read: July in DC, hot and humid). We are going to a concert together, and then afterwards, going to get a drink with my high school crush/lust object with whom I recently got back in touch after not having seen him in TWELVE YEARS! I’m married now, so I’m not looking, but I would like to look good.

Before our evening activities my sister and I are going to be running around town looking for her wedding dress(!), so I need something that will work all day and all evening, keep me cool, and, er, look hot. Comfortable shoes a huge plus!

I’m 5’10”, about a size 8, size 11 shoes, athletic build.

She sent a photo too but asked that I not share it. She’s very cute with short dark red hair and a taste for bright clothes (here’s a thumbnail of her shirt). I would say she’s “kicky;” a great adjective. Here’s my recommendation:

Dress – A short sleeved wrap dress works for nearly anything. This fun polka-dot version is on sale from Boden for $64. Very flattering for impressing a former crush and for appearing in photos next to the bride-to-be.
Day shoes – Break in these white skimmers before you leave and they should last you all day.
Night shoes – Switch to red slingback, peeptoe wedges when you meet the ex.
Bag – A white leather tote should fit everything you need for the long day, including peanut m&m’s (which I have thought are required for any wedding dress trying on ever since watching When Harry Met Sally).
Earrings – Red quartz drops add a dash of color.
Bracelets – Buy these cinnabar bangles when you visit the Smithsonian gift shop.

Good luck with it all, Lela!

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  1. Lela at 8:14 pm

    Emily, I love it all! Thank you. Those red shoes are to die for. And thanks for the peanut M&M tip!

  2. MissScientistSF at 8:29 pm

    Hmm.. I know a “kicky”, often times redhead, who has a sister SHE could visit in DC…

    Butterstick! Do it for Butterstick. Mama Panda might be preggers again.

  3. mrsem Author at 8:45 pm

    Interesante! How much longer are you going to be in DC? Possibly until it starts to cool down a bit?

  4. MissScientistSF at 8:55 pm

    Umm.. not really. Just the rest of July. But still!! It isn’t too bad, and you could finally wear a summer dress in the summer!

  5. CardinalChiarina at 12:30 am

    I love the dress and bangles, especially! Lovely outfit on the whole, too, as you always put together :-).