Urban Girl: What a Week

Urban Girl: What a Week

This was a long, strange week. The weather was moody: cold, hot and then back to cold. And it seems like that moodiness rubbed off on everyone else. Here’s what I learned:

  • The San Francisco DMV isn’t really that bad. Make an appointment online, go early in the morning and wear something cute.
  • It would help to study a bit for the driver’s test. I almost didn’t pass.
  • I spent a little too much on new clothes and shoes last weekend.
  • There was a fist fight in my office on Monday and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator on Wednesday. So surreal.
  • To make things more bizarre, I witnessed a car accident and a neighbor’s eviction on Tuesday and another car accident on Wednesday.
  • These shoes are so amazingly comfortable.
  • Free champagne is the best champagne.
  • Rob has a cold and I have something chicken pox-like on my stomach.
  • A glass of hot spiced cider with a dash of butterscotch schnapps is a nice treat.
  • What to wear? Lots of dresses.
  • I’m not into any of the new shows this season. Bionic woman? eh.
  • I love this photo of fog rolling in over the city from SFist.
  • Our wedding date is tentatively back to October 4th & Fleet Week. It turned out that the 27th wasn’t available.
  • I’m so excited that my friend Margaret is moving up to the Bay Area in a few weeks!

We have an office dinner to attend tonight. Rob has his NERT training tomorrow and his friend Rich is coming to town. Aside from those events, I think we’ll just try to relax a bit this weekend.

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  1. tiffany at 10:33 pm

    A fist fight and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator? Must be season premiere week at your job!

  2. Nicole at 11:08 pm

    if you want to come to napa to visit, i will be here both days. dave headed to slo for the weekend.