What to Wear: New York Reception

What to Wear: New York Reception

Hitting exactly the right tone at someone else’s wedding is so tricky. You can sort of guess at what they’re going for from the invitation and location. But there’s always a risk you’ll be the girl in the sundress amidst a sea of formal black. Here is Andrea’s request:

I was wondering if you could help me with an event I have to go to the first weekend of November in NYC. A co-worker of my husband’s is having a “downtown” party celebrating after his wedding at town hall with cocktails and another ceremony. It will probably be chilly at that time in NYC. I want something put together under $150.

I am a mom of 4, and it’s rare I get to go out and do these kind of things. I’d kind of like to “wow” my husband with something I wouldn’t normally wear. What I “normally wear” is black, but if you find something in black-ISH with a cool accessory or something?

I have olive skin and blue eyes and dark brown hair. So…I don’t really know what my “colors” are, but maybe my coloring will help. I am also thin with no boobs so no busty stuff. *grin*

What a fun challenge! My mental image for this event is a combination of the wedding scene from Love Actually and a Sex in the City episode. I envision great food and a crowd that keeps an eye on fashion. Here’s my pick for Andrea:

Dress – This little purple jersey number isn’t much to write home about on it’s own. It’s simple enough to wear with a turtleneck underneath to work. But with a few right accessories, it shines beyond it’s $44 price tag.
Jacket – Herringbone is chic as a cover up for this winter event. And only $24 from Forever21. Alternatively, a basic black trench would be great.
Tights – Black opaque tights make this outfit a bit trendier and perfect for winter. Also a great combination with a teal or dark blue dress.
Clutch – You can find versions of this season’s hottest clutch for upward of $300. Fortunately, this version is only $60 and no one will know the difference.
Shoes – Grey suede pumps with a convertible mary jane strap are just killer with tights for winter.
Bracelets – Some simple angular bangles.
Earrings – These pyramid studs are another hot trend and they are just right with this outfit.

Enjoy the event Andrea! Each of these pieces would be a great addition to your wardrobe for the next couple months.

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  1. hyb at 12:48 pm

    I love these eggplant dresses! Whoever thought of making that one of the “in” colors this year was a genius! Nice pick!

  2. Caroline at 10:02 pm

    I die for your “what to wear” pieces. I’ve already bought 3 items from them…and you are always totally right…