Party Recipe: Halloween Dinner

Party Recipe: Halloween Dinner

I’m going to throw a dinner party to celebrate my birthday on Halloween! I’ve just finished asking around about availability and, to my surprise, a bunch of people are in for the celebration. I’m so excited!

Now, I need to think about what I’m actually going to do for decorations, food, drinks, etc. I want the food to be good, not just spooky or all about pumpkins. And decor? I think I’ll turn to that antique halloween party book my mom gave me.

The tough question is: costumes or not? I’m leaning toward not. It’s a little awkward to sit at a table in your best getup. But it would be fun to walk around Castro after dinner together. Maybe having everyone come dressed up in black and orange would be a good compromise?

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  1. michelle at 9:45 pm

    Ditch the orange and make everyone dress in all black.

    A bit spooky but definitely sophisticated too.

  2. Jessica at 10:09 pm

    What about asking everyone to wear fun/funny/festive hats? They can be removed for dinner and donned for a walkabout.

  3. elizabeth at 11:42 pm

    I planned a full Halloween menu last week for a trip to the mountains right before it was canceled. Bummer. However, I found an excellent recipe for roasted chicken with stuffing and roasted tomatoes on Martha Stewart website. I can’t attest to its success, but it sure sounded delicious and looked appropriate on “the bone”.

  4. Andrea at 7:53 pm

    The all black is a cool idea- but spin it in a masquerade flair! You’ll fit in walking Castro and add some fun sophistication to your party. Pop in the old ‘Phantom’ movie and get inspired- they have some wickedly cool costumes in there and you get style, too. Also, the Martha meringue bones are great looking treat and super easy (I even posted my own results on my blog so you can have a looksie).
    Have fun and Happy Birthday!

  5. lsaspacey at 8:13 am

    Yes, wear black or make masks, sorta similar to the Mardi Gras/Venetian ones. You can have them on wands to hold or ribbons to tie round your heads. There are instructions here and here. I think that could be fun. You could put anything on them actually.

  6. kaili at 1:22 pm

    I would suggest either the all-black or a “costume” that is all about using your everyday clothes. Like coming as a reporter in a suit, or dressing like a friend that you all have in common. I have on more than one occasion pulled out my puffy pink party skirt, black top and leggings, and pink ballet flats to give the sort of ballerina/princess look while wearing my own clothes and feeling comfortable and not costumey.

    Otherwise, I’d vote completely against them – you could pick up some fun little accessories as party favours for your after-dinner walk – tiaras, wands, eyepatches, masquerade masks…

    Have fun!

  7. love.boxes at 1:27 pm

    I like the black and orange idea. Costumes can be cumbersome at a dinner party.. plus yours sounds more elegant than silly.