What to Wear: Morton Salt Girl Costume

What to Wear: Morton Salt Girl Costume

Halloween is coming up so fast! Which also means that my birthday is right around the corner. Wow, time is really flying. Here is Christina’s Halloween request:

Hi! I read your blog regularly. Could you please help me? I want to be the Morton’s Salt Girl this year and was wondering how you would go about assembling her baby doll, long sleeve yellow dress with lavender umbrella, white tights, and yellow mary jane flats. Would you go the DIY route? Buy something and paint/dye it yellow? I’m kind of lost as to how to find this yellow dress as yellow does not seem to be abundant this season! I’m very short and could fit children’s clothes.

Yikes! A yellow long sleeved dress is pretty hard to find in October. I looked pretty much everywhere. This vintage dress option could work if you sew on a ribbon sash. This dress from Bluefly also sort of works, but it’s expensive for a costume. Shopbop has one option that’s even more expensive. It would be pretty easy to sew one for yourself, but who has the time? I was about to toss the yellow dress requirement and go for this instead when I found something that will work:

Dress – Find a yellow dress with long sleeves and swing style, like this yellow dress from Zara. If you want you can add a high waisted sash.
TightsWhite tights from DNKY.
Shoes – I can’t take credit for these. Christine found a great source for yellow chinese slippers on her own.
Wig – A blonde bob wig. This would also be cute with a more “yellow” bob or a blue wig.
Umbrella – You can spray paint the inside lavender and the handle yellow. $15 from a wedding site.
Salt – Make your own giant salt jar out of a coffee can or oatmeal box. Stash candy inside.

What a fun costume idea!

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  1. Emily at 11:02 pm

    i bought a yellow, short, but long-sleeved, turtleneck empire waisted yellow sweater dress from H&M around 2-3 weeks ago at the H&M in westfield shopping center in SF. It would be pretty perfect and it’s only $30!

  2. Olivia Carter at 6:24 am

    Oh my heck! This is exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween too! I just blogged about it a couple days ago! Whoa! great ideas! Hopefully we won’t end up at the same party!

  3. Anonymous at 5:34 am

    what’s the name of that urban outfitters dress?? i’m looking online for it..can’t find it! it’s adorable

  4. Anonymous at 8:58 pm

    I realize this post is three years old, but it still comes up in Google search for "Morton Salt Girl costume".

    I'm doing this this year, and I went with a yellow, long sleeved tunic:


    It's pretty short, so I'm putting yellow short shorts from American Apparel under it. I found the perfect yellow flannel mary janes from Target.com for $10. Pairing this with white tights and a $7 umbrella.

    If you're short like me, a tunic is a good option.