Paris je t’aime: BHV

Paris je t’aime: BHV

Near Hotel de Ville in Paris, there is an amazing department store called BHV. They have everything from tools to expensive handbags, to art supplies, to kitchen goods, toys and chandeliers. Each and every item is perfectly French in it’s own special way. Basically, everything you’d need outfit your life in blissful Parisian style.

By the time Nicole and I got half way around the first floor, we were in near hysterics. By the time I got to the table linen department, I had a 50/50 chance of fainting. Nicole was particularly overwhelmed on the chandelier and lamp floor. We were almost shaking when we finally checked out and headed to the top floor cafeteria for a delicious lunch.

Because the exchange rate was so terrible, I limited my shopping to only the most inexpensive items. I mostly bought dishtowels and sets of Christmas cards in French. I also got a cute pair of gloves, a picture frame, a tablecloth, skinny candles and some toys to bring back home.

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  1. catwoman at 3:27 am

    Ooooh I lived just up the street from BHV a few years ago as a student! I felt very Parisian buying my mattress and small furnishings from there. I also almost fainted just reading about all the lovely things you saw and experienced there.