Advent Calendar: December 12

Advent Calendar: December 12

(Update: It’s the 12th not the 13th, sorry to throw you off) Picture this…It’s 9-ish and I’m dragging home from a very long day. 12+ hours of the hardest business meetings I’ve ever been in. Meetings consisting of me, 17 men in suits and one other woman who compensated for her lack of a Y chromosome by being tougher than all the rest combined. I felt like I’ve been through 10 rounds of UFC’s best and the dirty martini I had with dinner wasn’t helping.

I get home to find a wrapped package balancing on the doorknob. It’s a rental movie that we’ve been trying to get for a few days (Superbad) and there’s a note to check the fridge. In the refrigerator, I find a wrapped can of ice cold Guinness with a note to check my voicemail. I use Rob’s phone to call my number, just to discover one last package under the tree!

Rob decided to give me my big Christmas present early! A super cool Voyager touch-screen, iPhone-competitor, folding keypad gadget! It’s so cool! Isn’t he the best?

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  1. ~Skye~ at 7:26 pm

    Oh my brother is so sweet to you ~ I love it!!! I agree he should be a professional cheer-er-upper.

  2. amber at 7:53 pm

    that is SO sweet, he deserves a little something extra in his stocking this year!