Ladies Activity Club: Paper Trees

Ladies Activity Club: Paper Trees

When I finally did wake up yesterday, it was to get dressed and attend the December Ladies Activity Club party. My friend Margaret came up from the peninsula to go with me 🙂

We broke from the gingerbread tradition this year and made paper and wire Christmas trees. It was pretty easy: basically you buy cute scrapbooking paper and cut out circles in four increasing sizes from 3 to 6 inches across. Then you make the circles into cones, sealing the end with a glue gun. Using 3 pieces of 18″ floral wire, you stack the cones using the glue gun to set them into place. Twist the ends of the wire on the top and the bottom to finish the trees.

There was a great turnout for this party, about 12 people. Jill, our hostess, served cheese fondue, meatballs, mini quiches and cheesecake. So fun!

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  1. amber at 9:57 pm

    those came out so well! would’nt they look cute at each place setting on a Holiday table?