20 Resolutions for 2008

20 Resolutions for 2008

I have a bad habit of making obtuse resolutions each year. For example: “be a better person” which was a draft for 2008. (My masseuse wisely responded “what’s wrong with the person you are now?”) Much better to break things down into specific, actionable objectives.

Here are my resolution for the year ahead, in no particular order:

  1. Cancel cable TV. Done!
  2. Put on lipstick every morning. Keeping a stash of shades by the door has helped.
  3. Find a new dentist.
  4. Buy measuring spoons. It has occurred to me that I may not be an inherently terrible baker…just not a good guestimator.
  5. Camp on Angel Island.
  6. Get the dark freckle under my left eye zapped off. It makes me look tired.
  7. Be thicker skinned.
  8. Take bass lessons.
  9. Paint the dining room.
  10. Don’t worry. Be happy.
  11. Wear more red.
  12. Judge others less.
  13. Channel the bad-ass-ness of female rockers like Von Iva and Nancy Wilson. Oh, and the laid-back-ness of Kerri Russell.
  14. Plan the wedding without undue stress.
  15. Go for long rides on the tandem bike along the beach.
  16. Make a website for the Ladies Activity Club.
  17. Be a better listener. Try to really focus when people are talking and come up with good questions to ask back. Listen to a lot of Terry Gross for pointers.
  18. Redecorate the bedroom.
  19. Start climbing 5.10 c’s and d’s.
  20. Cook healthy food from scratch at least twice a week.

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  1. Anonymous at 7:27 pm

    Help with resolution #3: I love my dentist: Natasha Lee (her office is 9th Avenue near Irving). My boyfriend and I both go to her and I recently recommended her to a co-worker who also loved her.

  2. Beth at 7:30 pm

    Great list! I’ve been trying to do the lipstick thing too. Now I remind myself of my grandmother when I use the hall mirror to put on a little colour before I head out!

  3. Jessica at 10:52 pm

    I like your list too. I was thinking about going with ING, so thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Kathy at 12:31 am

    Great List! I feel inspired reading it. You have a great blog!

    As I entered 2008 I entered the world of blogging.

  5. love.boxes at 4:40 pm

    A good dentist is a great blessing. I love your goals. I need to do some of those as well. I foget my lipstick all the time, I want to be thicker skinned as well (am not sure how to do that). I love that you put down to make healthy dinners from scratch 2X’s per week. I think that’s a great idea and twice a week will make it a fun goal and not a huge pressure (I can cook if someone else will give me an EASY idea). You might like the book, This Year I Will.. it’s a fun read.

  6. Becca at 5:50 pm

    finding a great dentist is hard! after a few years of searching, i found one- dr. kevin barry at 450 sutter. he’s wonderful- very direct, doesn’t try to sell anything, and the techs give great cleanings!

  7. gina at 1:16 am

    As someone who has to constantly and actively improve her listening skills for her job, I can recommend that Krista Tippett is another great inspiration, in addition to Terri Gross.

    Nice list!

  8. Alicia at 9:00 pm

    Just linked back to this post from today’s wedding beauty regiment post. I really need to adopt the lipstick resolution – I’m terrible at that & I ALWAYS notice how put together & cheerful other women look with some color on their lips… Thanks for inspiration!