Weekend Round-Up: Storm Watch

Weekend Round-Up: Storm Watch

Rob and I got a ride home on Friday with a co-worker, after all that walking in the rain it was heaven sent. I took a long, hot bath and we spent the evening relaxing and watching Flight of the Conchords episodes.

On Saturday, we had jalapeno bagels and coffee in the morning and I reorganized the bedroom. Margaret came up on the train before lunch. We hung out while it poured rain outside. Eventually, we left the apartment to visit some sales downtown and watch Beowulf in 3D.

The movie was decent, if only for being in 3D and for the hilarious commentary from the dudes sitting in a row behind us. They were very impressed with the movie and lave us with the memorable quote “damn, look at all that treasure!” which we repeated all night long. On our way home, we stopped in Old Navy and found leather braided headbands that were perfect for recreating scenes from the movie:

Back in the neighborhood, we visited a local consignment shop and had a big sushi dinner on Church Street. We watched Ratatouille back at home and called it a night.

Breakfast of oatmeal and coffee on Sunday morning. Rob left for the climbing gym while Margaret and I headed to the de Young Museum. The Louise Nevelson exhibition was excellent and we followed a docent tour. I think there is something so “female” about the way she gathered scrap materials, painted them up, organized them into compartments and made them into something beautiful. It’s almost like quilting, but in such a modern way.

We had lunch in the museum cafe and went back in for a few more exhibits, including one on Turkmen weaving. We took the train back home around one and Margaret headed back home shortly after.

At 3:30, Rob and I took the subway downtown to meet with Jordan about our wedding invitation design. I think we came up with some really great ideas (Rob and Paul had a laugh realizing that the acronym for save-the-date is STD). I can’t wait to see the drafts. She’s so talented!

On the way back, we stopped into the St. Francis Hotel for a cocktail in the Oak Room. By the time we got home, it had started raining again. A big salad for dinner. A haircut for Rob. And soup made out of last week’s roast chicken.

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  1. Tonia Conger at 5:48 pm

    The fact that you cut Rob’s hair is so impressive. I gave it a try a few times with an old boyfriend and found I am not talented when it comes to the cutting of hair. Wahoo for you.

  2. love.boxes at 6:45 pm

    I studied Beowulf the poem in one of my literature classes in college, it must not have made a big impression because I have no idea what it’s about and wasn’t too interested in the movie. In fact I couldn’t believe they made a 2 hour film based on a poem, but then Pirates of the Carribean was based on a ride at Diney Land and it turned out to be pretty fun atleast the first one.. I didn’t like the others. Sound like fun weekend! Your big rain clouds came my way and dumped tons of pretty snow, it’s gorgeous here today!

  3. Mildred at 8:58 pm

    I love your week/weekend reviews! It seems that you guys lead such full lives and I love hearing about them! Esp. if my week has been dull, I get cheered up by hearing about all the fun!

  4. ~Skye~ at 9:00 pm

    The boys got to watch Spy Kids 3-D last night. Was their first time watching 3-D ~~ I wish you & Rob could have heard them…….they loved it.
    I also pulled out the Flowbee & cleaned them up..I was a bit embarrassed by their hair when you saw them at Christmas ~ they look so handsome now.