To Do: Annie Hall

To Do: Annie Hall

This is just right for Valentine’s Day night: Annie Hall at the Red Vic on Haight. Cuddle up on the velvet couches and share organic popcorn in a wooden bowl. Showtimes are 7:15 and 9:15.

PS: Did you see Rob’s sweet valentine note on the registry post? “Happy Valentine’s Day. One complete china setting is on the way for you to enjoy. I have more love for you then imaginable. Love Rob” Not to brag, but he really is the BEST!

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  1. Jessica at 8:04 pm

    I created our own little Woody Allen tour of Manhattan on our recent trip to NYC. It was awesome.

    Now I really, really want to hear Diane singing Seems Like Old Times.

  2. love.boxes at 4:19 pm

    I’ve actually never seen that movie. I guess I better see it some time… I know it’s a classic and I love Diane.

    What a great Valentine you have, by the way! 🙂