What to Wear: J.Crew Style

What to Wear: J.Crew Style

J.Crew is lovely…but the prices can sting. There are a lot of ways to channel their bright preppy style on a budget. Here is Chelsea’s request:

My sister and I really like your blog, especially when you do the what to wear sections, so I was hoping you could give me some ideas. I am obsessed with J. Crew, except all their clothes are really expensive. I was wondering if you could put something together that resembles J. Crew style but is more in an affordable price range. I’m not looking for any special occasion, just everyday.

J.Crew’s basic styles that aren’t too hard to replicate on your own. This outfit would cost about $500 if you bought it from their store. Our bargain version is around $160:

Sweater – Cheery cardigan basic for $20 topped with a thin belt. Wear a simple long sleeved tee underneath for warmth.
Jeans – From Old Navy for $34.
Bag – Preppy in blue and white from Delias for $36.
Flats – In navy satin for $50.
Earrings – Pearl studs.
Sunglasses – For when the weather warms up.

Prep for cheap!

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  1. fallonroxann at 8:55 pm

    I love J.Crew and even though the prices are rough its almost always worth the investment. I’ve learned to only shop J.Crew sales because you can usually get things for half the price. The key is to look out for the days when you get an extra percentage off of sale items. If you are going to shop online, try to only hit the sales when the shipping if free. Remember that the online sales are usually final sales so visit the store early every season yo just get a fit for the new items that way when they drop to a price you can pay you can snatch them up quickly. If you are a student don’t forget to use your student ID to get a little bit off when you do decide to buy things full price.

    Good luck shopping ladies and thank you Emily for our daily dose of style!

  2. Lindsey at 1:29 pm

    I’m liking J.Crew so much more since I started reading this blog (do you get a referral discount, Emily?!) and have to agree with the wallet sting. But I also agree with fallonroxann that if you pick the right things, they are such great quality that they’ll be an investment. thanks for the sale shopping tips!

  3. Nina at 11:03 pm

    I adore J.Crew and the majority of my wardrobe is from there! My brother gets most of his clothes there too. It is worth the investment.

    Sure, it’s expensive, but remember that it’s a name brand, and the clothes are classic and quality, which will last you forever!

  4. Anonymous at 10:58 pm

    j. crew is very expensive, but there is a 15% student discount! its most effective on the clearance which is usually already 30%. which equals up to 45% clearance items!

  5. Anonymous at 8:26 pm

    Ladies, have you ever been at outlet jcrew????!!!! You can get nice stuff for low price there. And the quality on a good level! So the evryday look you can get for less then 200$!
    I work at one of those store and i just love it! Once in awhile i go shop at retail store!

  6. gail at 12:50 am

    i bought a jcrew cardigan sweater at a thrift store yesterday ($4.90), it looks brand new. so today i bought cute pearl buttons at a fabric store for $.65 which look super cute. so for a total of $5.55 i have a super cute j crew-pearl button sweater.