Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday Rob!

For your 34th birthday, my sweet, here are 34 things I like about you in no particular order:

1. Your excellent photography skills.
2. The way you say “aww” when you see something cute, like a puppy or a toddler falling over.
3. Your generosity.
4. Cute dresser.
5. That you wake up before me so I can sleep in 20 minutes each morning.
6. That you are a good friend to my friends.
7. Your mad ukulele skills.
8. Excellent shopping companion.
9. Thick, beautiful salt and pepper hair.
10. The way you walk.
11. You are a good and quick decision maker.
12. Dedication.
13. Excellent travel companion.
14. Gorgeous blue eyes.
15. You don’t hold grudges.
16. A considerate host.
17. Your understanding of when to splurge and when to save.
18. Great rock climber.
19. A fun uncle to your four nephews.
20. Your hands.
21. Not a picky eater.
22. The way you are almost always singing something.
23. So brave when it comes to trying new things.
24. Your desire to defend and protect me.
25. You are so close to your college friends.
26. Archery. Who else would come up with that?
27. You push me to be a better person.
28. Always up for an adventure.
29. You encourage me to pursue my wishes, even if they are silly.
30. Your creativity.
31. Excellent taste in diamond engagement rings.
32. Much better than me at understanding what others are feeling.
33. That we are so different in some ways and you don’t mind one bit.
34. Your general loveliness.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Jessica at 1:41 pm

    #11 is a fantastic trait indeed, and one I wish I was in possession of.

    Happy Birthday to your beau!

  2. MissScientistSF at 7:30 pm

    Happy Birthday future brother-in-law! Hope you have a fantastic day. Best wishes. We have a little something for you, but haven’t quite gotten it mailed off yet. Tomorrow, I promise!