Warning: Willow Cardigan

Warning: Willow Cardigan

My other purchase at Anthropologie last Friday was this yellow Willow Cardigan. Isn’t that color pretty? Unfortunately, the quality doesn’t match the price.

The first one I tried on at the store had a moth hole on the front. So I got a different one, gave it a once over and took it home. But I discovered yesterday that this second sweater also has a moth hole. It’s especially ironic because the brand name of the sweater just so happens to be “Moth.” Too bad.

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  1. Chelsea at 7:18 pm

    The unfortunate thing I learned about Anthropologie when I worked there is that they put EVERYTHING back out on the floor after it is tried on or returned. Which means, there are $200 trousers missing buttons and still for sale as if brand new. They just wait for the customer to ask before giving a discount. I think they are getting a bit too big in my opinion.

    I love Moth sweaters they are the perfect weight cardigan. I’d love to find another source for them.

  2. Caroline at 10:58 pm

    oh dear..that’s hilarious..moth!! oops! Just bought a top in this same color too…at Forever 21 ..great deal…