When I’m an Old Woman I Shall Play Ping Pong

When I’m an Old Woman I Shall Play Ping Pong

Old friends of my parents had Rob and I over to dinner earlier this week to celebrate our engagement. This couple has lived in San Francisco for over 40 years in a four story Edwardian house in the Inner Richmond.

Before I moved to the city, I thought their home was large. Now that I live here, it is positively palatial (For reference, this $6 million property listing is nearby). The best part is that they likely bought their house for something around $70,000.

This couple is definitely an inspiration, even with real estate aside. They take music lessons each week (so do we!) and have some funny hobbies (Rob and I are the king of funny hobbies!). The best of all is their habit of a daily ping pong match. Septegenerian ping pong is officially one of my life goals now!

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  1. Krissy at 6:18 pm

    What a riot! My hubby and I play ping pong after dinner a few times a week – it’s very quality time! Hopefully we can continue this for years to come…

  2. Sharon at 7:51 pm

    hi emily! interesting post. i live on the peninsula and the house i live in was built in 1956 for $15,000 (we are renting from the original owner). now it’s worth around $750,000. i’m no good at math or economics, but i’m suspecting the 70,000 your friends bought their home for around 50 years ago was still a big chuck of change, right? who knows!