Recipe: Baby Artichokes

Recipe: Baby Artichokes

Yum. You can buy a big box of these tender little baby artichokes for only $2.50 at Trader Joe’s right now. They range in size from a golf ball to a pool cue. Rob and I ate them last night with a quick dinner in between the gym and the laundromat. This isn’t much of a recipe, just some tips:

Baby Artichokes

Boil an ample pot of water with a lemon cut in two and a splash of olive oil. Cut the artichoke stems down and chop off the top 1/2 inch from the top if desired. Add the artichokes. Cook for about 20-40 minutes, depending on the size.

While the artichokes cook, make your dips. I like either a balsamic vinaigrette or the “aioli” a a friend introduced to the family. It consists of good quality mayonnaise mixed with soy sauce. Sounds weird, I know, but it is tasty. You can also make a quick traditional aioli with mayonnaise, lemon juice, garlic and truffle oil.

Drain the artichokes and serve with your dip. Because these artichokes are so small, you can eat most of the small leaves and the heart directly. No need to spoon out the center.

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  1. cyndi & lee at 6:24 pm

    Oh how I wish we had a Trader Joe’s nearby! Artichokes are my new favorite and I can’t seem to get enough of them lately!

  2. kaili at 8:18 pm

    Thanks for the recipe! I’m always at a loss with artichokes – so tasty but awkward to eat… baby artichockes might solve that for me! Wish we had Trader Joe’s in Canada…

  3. S for Kitchen Confit at 3:59 am

    Gotta love artichokes! I just made some cooked in a wine and lemon broth, though they were normal-sized. I will have to try ‘baby artichokes’ to assess the difference in taste and texture.

  4. Anonymous at 11:32 am

    Sounds sooo good! I know that I am a year late, but I always dip my artichokes in a pool of lemon, olive oil and a bit of salt. Sometimes simple is good.