Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party

Time to redo the bridal party mock-up with the new bridesmaid dresses. And possibly suits! The rental place where we ordered Rob’s tux for the Ball seems much nicer than most. They rent black suits too, which might be an affordable and easy way to get the men dressed.

I was worried about the mix being too “bumble bee” though. Maybe gray ties would help? Let’s look:

That’s pretty sharp actually! I found a couple examples of this color combo online that look okay too.

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  1. Kristin at 6:14 pm

    In your “examples” link, did you notice how all the maids have a cream wrap? I think that should be your bridesmaids gift!

  2. Tiffany at 6:17 pm

    Dear Emily’s Wedding,

    I adore everything about you.


  3. Janssen at 6:46 pm

    I’m usually worried about the bumblebee look too, but here I don’t see it at all – I think it’s GORGEOUS!

  4. Rachel F at 7:21 pm

    Are you going to have reese witherspoon as one of your bridesmaids? 😉 That’s her on the far left,no?

  5. laura_s at 8:53 pm

    i love silver ties with the look – or a sagey color would be lovely too.

  6. Amber at 10:13 pm

    love the bridesmaid dresses! I’m in a wedding in July and my dress is this exact color but strapless. It’s all coming together so nicely – thanks for sharing it with us along the way!

  7. Kate at 11:08 pm

    Ok, I thought that was Reese Witherspoon too! She’s so darling!

  8. lsaspacey at 11:41 pm

    I wouldn’t have thought bumblebee if you hadn’t mentioned it. I think the combo is great.

  9. Alyssa Coberly at 6:20 pm

    love it … i think it would be pretty if you could do gray shoes for the gals – it would help tie the two ‘parties’ together. DEFINTALY NOT bumble bee … just keep black off of the yellow dresses and i think it looks good – besides the colors in nature are usually a good choice as we know they work (hehe)