Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Dresses

Margaret found these lovely silk/cotton dresses at her shop in Burlingame. They’re the nicest color with a universally flattering fit, satin lining, delicate buttons up the back and fabric covered beads in the front. And at $40 a pop with her discount, I get to treat my bridesmaids to their dresses.

The brand is Esley and they also come in ivory and kelly green. I couldn’t find them online though.

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  1. Anonymous at 5:51 pm

    Ok, I almost never say anything negative on this blog or any blog. I also NEVER tell somebody how to plan their wedding, but that dress (IMO) isn’t universally flattering in fit or color. While the color would look nice on me, I wear a double D bra and it just wouldn’t work. So, while it might be great for your maids, please don’t say that it would fit anybody, because then some other bride would end up slapping it on her maids with no regards to size or coloring. I like the dress, by the way. Just wanted to put that out there.

  2. mrsem Author at 6:15 pm

    Good point! Luckily, all my bridesmaids are pretty small-chested. We actually talked about that when we bought them.

  3. Anonymous at 7:11 pm

    there is nothing universally flattering about that dress.

  4. Anonymous at 8:37 pm

    I have to say, and I feel bad doing it, I actually waited to not be the first, but this dress is awful. It looks like it shrunk or is a little girls dress that someone is trying to pull off as a grown-up dress. I am sorry, its just plan bad.

  5. MissScientistSF at 9:59 pm

    wow, really helpful anonymous people. way to be a huge downer for no practical reason. big help, thanks. geez louise!

  6. Kate at 10:01 pm

    I personally think that the dress is a bit short on whoever that is in the picture. It’s just a weird length. But, if it doesn’t bother your ‘maids and they are all flat chested, go for it. It only matters if you and they like it. We don’t matter. That being said…this is a public blog and everybody has opinions. Most of the time all the comments are positive, aren’t they?

  7. Anonymous at 10:52 pm

    Delurking to say you’ve shown, week in and week out, that you have great taste, so I’d trust your own judgement on this one. For that price, it’s worth it to just buy them and have the b-maids try them on and decide if you like it then. Again, given your great taste, I’m sure the picture doesn’t do the dress justice.


  8. erica at 11:25 pm

    i think the length is a bit off for a fall wedding, but they’re cute dresses, and i like the neckline.

  9. Catherine at 11:41 pm

    I love the way your sister leapt to your defense … very cute. I also think it is so thoughtful to be trying to shield your attendants from huge expense. Those intangibles matter more than mere aesthetics, in the final grand analysis.

  10. Tanya at 11:52 pm

    I think they are lovely, almost Grecian. They look very soft and romantic, and I dont see anything wrong with the length. Its a daytime wedding! I hardly think ballgowns would be appropriate. And as for undergarments, a trip to any proper foundation shop should address that issue.

    In any case, who cares what anyone thinks? Its your wedding, and if you and your bridesmaids are happy, nothing else matters! (well, except maybe your husband!)

    The thing thats appealing about your wedding is you seem to have a very down-to-earth and realistic approach, while keeping a touch of your quirkiness and maintaining an aura of class. Too many weddings are so over the top and a HUGE waste of money.

    To me, its more about the marriage and less about the wedding. Your plans are lovely and its very gracious of you to share them.

  11. mrsem Author at 11:54 pm

    Sweet comments! The photos I took are pretty terrible and don’t do the dress justice (go cell phone camera) but it really is nice in person. When I bought the dresses, it was with the understanding that if they didn’t work out for some reason, it would still be okay since they’re inexpensive.

  12. stella g at 10:10 am

    I, for one, think they are SUPER cute. (I want one in kelly green, please!) I had the hardest time finding bridesmaid dresses for my girls and ended up going expensive. I wish I hadn’t. Good find!

  13. Molly at 12:42 pm

    I am assuming its just a bad picture and not a good length on the model. But Kate is right, Jean shouldn’t get so defensive this is a blog and obviously you are putting it out there to get people’s thoughts, no one is trying to be a downer, just honest, and the reason is they are trying to help. Since we are all here for you wonderful “What to wears” they should also trust you and assume its a bad picture.

  14. jessica at 2:33 pm

    personally, i think they are fantastic. and as for being universally flattering, with a few (extremely large busted) exceptions, i have to agree with you, miss em: empire waist that hides a pooch, a neckline that makes shoulders look straight and strong, a little cleavage to make it subtly sexy, a length that doesn’t chop off the legs, and a lovely, fresh yellow (which i like so much more than navy).

  15. Stephanie at 4:36 pm

    I like them and think they look great on your friend.

  16. Olivia at 4:54 pm

    I love that dress. So pretty on the woman in the photo! Your wedding is going to be fabulous and I think it is awesome that you are sharing your plans with us. It is just fun to read about every Wednesday.

  17. caroline at 5:56 pm

    I, too LOVE the dress. I would be **thrilled** to be given that as a bridesmaid. That can be a BIG expense for a ‘maid. I think the fabric sounds way awesome, too. I would love to have the green to go out on the town with my hubby some night….

  18. Anonymous at 7:17 pm

    Hi – I was searching for “Esley” online and stumbled across your blog. I actually bought this dress in eggplant, wore it to a wedding and received dozens of compliments. I am getting married in the spring and thought that this brand would be perfect for a bridesmaid’s dress. Their dresses are lovely, lightweight and, suprisingly, inexpensive. Any advice on how to find the dresses online? No luck so far. Did you have to order extra from Esley?

  19. mrsem Author at 7:49 pm

    Hi Anon, I haven’t found anything online for the dresses. But I know they have them in several colors at Therapy and Ambiance in San Francisco. You can probably have them mailed to you from either place.

  20. Anonymous at 9:28 pm

    This is too funny, I just bought this exact dress at Ambiance on Union Street in San Francisco in darker purple for my bridesmaids. They also had them in green and silver for $75. It is a flattering dress on many but not on all. It looks like it is going to work for my ladies. Also the fabric of the dress I just bought may be different, Cotton/Poly blend.

  21. Lena at 11:40 pm

    I work at a boutique that sells this dress and the picture does not do it justice. We have sold out of this dress time after time and have trouble keeping it in stock. The dress is very unique and pretty in person. It’s also flattering on almost every body shape. The empire waist has a hidden elastic that stretches to ones bust size. The gathering around the chest also forgives any pulling the dress may have. This dress is not only reasonably priced ($63 at our store), but a bridesmaid could easily wear it again. Elsey made a cotton/poly blend that looks like a heavier silk for their fall/winter collection. I think it’s a GREAT bridesmaid choice and I guarantee your bridesmaids will receive multiple compliments!

  22. Anonymous at 10:36 pm

    I realize that this post is nearly a year old…but the second comment on this page caught my attention.

    I have this dress in a golden brown color…I am a DD bra size and it looks AMAZING on me.

    So…whomever said otherwise is simply wrong.


  23. Lindsay at 4:53 am

    I actually have this dress in yellow also and I absolutely love it. I wear it to Sunday brunches, but I agree that it would look good on a lot of people. The dress I have suffered an unfortunate event and I have been looking desperately for a replacement. Any suggestions?

  24. Anonymous at 12:23 pm

    Saw this dress in small boutique in Palm Beach and Coral Gables, FL. I believe the boutique is a small chain going by the name ‘ PALM PRODUCE” . I did see the dress in a chrisp green color. Loved it. Worth doing a search of store locations…

  25. Anonymous at 9:40 pm

    Lucky Americans ! I just saw this dress today in Toronto, Canada for $165. They had it in two shades of blue, white, beige and purple. Wanted to buy it to wear to a wedding but not sure if I want to spend that much.