Weekend Round-Up: Wedding Party

Weekend Round-Up: Wedding Party

This was a weekend full of a lot of work and also a lot of celebrating. On Friday, Margaret came up from the peninsula for dinner (Burgermeister) and to spend the night (so she could go shopping early in the morning). It was a good time!

On Saturday morning, we had oatmeal, oranges and coffee in our P.J.’s and then started prepping for our busy day ahead. Margaret left at 9:30 to help Molly, our friend who had a baby two weeks ago, find something to wear to the wedding. At 10:30, Rob and I packed up our gear and went to start photographing said wedding.

Rob’s best friend’s brother was getting married in deluxe San Francisco affair. We spend a couple hours photographing the bride prepping at the Saint Francis. And then I managed to convince them to let us into the imperial ballroom on the 32nd floor for portraits, a real coup. The nice event coordinator even brought us sparkling water while we worked. Then we loaded on to a trolley to the ceremony at St. Peter and Paul‘s in North Beach. Rob and I were told that we could only shoot from the choir balcony, but we weren’t prepared for it being three flights of steep stairs up. I made at least five runs up and down those stairs. We got fantastic photos and a workout to boot.

Back on the trolley after the portraits were finished to head to the Olympic Club downtown. The elegant reception went from 6:00 to 10:30 pm. It was a great event and I’ll post some tips from it on Wednesday. At the end of the day, I had spent 12 hours carrying heavy medium format equipment and running around in four inch heels. Exhausted. Rob and I took a cab home and crashed.

The next morning I discovered that my legs had been rendered effectively useless by all those stairs. I stayed in bed until 10:00 and then on the sofa with the paper and some coffee until 1:30. Rich and Molly came by at 2:00 with their new baby. We had a nice little tea party and I got to hold the baby for a long time. They seem to be doing really well with their new roles as parents.

They left for Weaverville at 4:00. Rob and I went downtown shortly after to see Baby Mama. All those stairs to the subway and back were killer on my sore legs. It was a decent movie, sort of oddly low quality production though. Back at home at 8:00 with a stop at Safeway. A light dinner and a lot of dishes!

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  1. love.boxes at 5:12 pm

    Fun! HOpe your legs feel better soon. There is nothing like a major stairmaster work out. 🙂