Team Abigail!

Team Abigail!

I’m hooked on HBO’s John Adams series. We rented the first and second disc from Blockbuster this weekend.

Laura Linney is fantastic as the smart and strong-willed Abigail Adams. She’s the star of the show, which is amazing considering how good the actors are playing Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, etc, etc. It’s a must rent!

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  1. love.boxes at 6:54 pm

    I can’t wait to see that.. we don’t have cable so I have to wait until it comes to Netflix. I read the book twice.. I loved it so much. I also recommend Dearest Friend by Lynne Withey .. also a favorite book is about the life of Abigail Adams.. Laura Linney was the perfect choice to play her!

  2. Amanda at 7:51 pm

    Its a really phenomenal series–I’m still talking about it to anyone who will listen. Very thought provoking, and you realize the problems we have today aren’t very different than the problems 200+ years ago. Plus the cast is AMAZING.

    The later episodes were so intense I could only watch them when they were spread out over a couple of weeks–maybe that was partly because I wanted to enjoy them a little longer.

  3. katek at 2:52 pm

    Maybe I’ll make that a project next fall…I have always loved Abigail Adams, ever since we did a musical called “Dear Abby” in 5th grade…

    (Sample lyrics, from a song where she is writing letters to all the other politicians:
    “Dear Mr. Jefferson, I thought I would drop you a line.
    How are you doing? I’m doing fine.
    I hope you’re well and, by the way…There are some things I’d like to saaaaaaaay:”
    And then she goes on to talk about giving women the vote, etc. Isn’t it weird how things get cemented in your head?)