Weekend Round-Up: R&R

Weekend Round-Up: R&R

This was a pretty lazy weekend. Ideal, since we were so worn out and are facing a non-stop stream of packed weekends coming up. The weather nicely cooperated by being just a bit too cold and windy for it to be alluring outdoors.

On Friday, we went to a baseball game downtown after work. A quick stop at Pete’s Tavern for a beer before the game. Once in the stadium, we loaded up with hot dogs and nachos. We had nearly the worst seats in the house. Luckily, even those aren’t too bad at AT&T park. We cheered on the Giants in the freezing cold until their eventual loss to Oakland. Rob and I walked up along the embarcadero to catch the subway home around 11 and called it a night.

We slept in on Saturday morning and did some reading. Eventually, I made coffee and oatmeal for breakfast and we watched the rest of The Pianist. What a beautiful and disturbing film.

For lunch, we took the subway downtown and had clam chowder at a Boudin’s sidewalk table. It’s fun to watch the tourists in the summer, almost all dressed in matching souvenir fleece jackets. They must sell a thousand of those a day to people who don’t expect it to be quite so cold here in the summer!

After lunch, we went to Macy’s to look at suits for Rob. They were having a very good sale on tuxedos (only $180!) but I couldn’t convince Rob he needed one. We found a black Calvin Klein suit on the 3rd floor that fit perfectly and was affordable. A couple more errand stops downtown and then back home.

We lazed about for a while in the afternoon and practiced music. At 8:00, I threw on a DVF dress and took the subway downtown for a fancy business dinner at Morton’s. Way too much food! I had the iceberg salad, king crab legs, lyonnaise potatoes and hot chocolate cake. Dinner ended around 10:30. With a co-worker, we went for a drink at Amber’s. Before we knew it, it was past 1:30 am and time for bed.

Another nice sleep in on Sunday. I eventually got up for a breakfast of coffee and orange milano cookies (my diet this weekend was horrible!) along with the Sunday political news shows. We watched Darjeeling Limited in our pajamas. Around lunch, we walked around the neighborhood for some errands. Rob found cute clothes at Crossroads and a couple book at Aardvarks. We had nachos for lunch at the corner taqueria.

Back at home to lounge about more, clean house and call home for Father’s day. We ran to the grocery store at 8:00 to load up for the week ahead. Margaret came up shortly after and we had turkey tacos for dinner. She left after dinner to meet a guy she’s dating and we turned in.

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