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  1. Kathryn at 2:36 pm

    Such a good book! I still think about all it said today and I read it over a year ago.

  2. Anne Living Life at 4:21 pm

    Yes, it is excellent! A lot of geography info that gets a little technical but overall a great story. Let us know your thoughts!

  3. Jill at 4:26 pm

    Yes! It's so inspiring! I still think about it a lot, too after reading it several years ago.

  4. suneeta at 4:31 pm

    Loved it. I little too detailed in the beginning but after that very interesting and thought provoking. I had my 13 yr old read the kid's version as well.

  5. Jamie at 5:46 pm

    One of the best books I've ever read. Its one of those books that stays in your mind years after you've read it. I've also given away several copies as gifts. I've spent most of the past two years living in India (which is vastly different from Pakistan) but the book was still an eye opener for me about life in that part of the world.

  6. Anonymous at 5:46 pm

    Both of his books are very inspiring. I would love to read more about him, he mentions in the books that he has many fans and many detractors; it would be interesting to learn more.

  7. Anonymous at 12:23 am

    Although the Greg Mortenson's story is very inspirational, the prose of David Oliver Relin is a bit melodramatic.

  8. cassie at 4:46 am

    Three Cups of Tea is one of my favorite books – I actually have only listened to it on tape in my car [on my commute to school, I often clapped and cheered Greg on, I'm sure it made the others stuck in morning traffic wonder a bit] It is a very inspirational book and it reminded me of the true value of education.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    PS. My boyfriend says you rock for posting Frightened Rabbits awhile back! It was ironically a day after we had a talk on if they were allowed on our itunes…