Wedding Wednesday: The Invitations

Wedding Wednesday: The Invitations

I’m so pleased with the finished wedding invitations! They’ve progressed so far from the initial designs. The textures of the letterpress printing and the thick paper are so impressive in person. In all, the invitations do well in conveying the keywords for our event: elegant, relaxed, fun and classic.

A million thanks to Jordan and Paul for all their help with the typography and printing. Click on the images to take a closer look:

Some details for future reference:

  • The large envelope is the A7 luxe in cream from PaperSource.
  • The small envelope is 4 bar curry from PaperSource.
  • The liners were printed on Gocco and cut using these templates.
  • The flower and stage designs were re-purposed from Dover stock.
  • The letterpress was either blind emboss (no ink) or Pantone 546.

After putting everything together, the final invite weighs 1.1 ounces. Just barely over the limit. So I’ll have three stamps on the front instead of two ($.41, $.17, and a $.01). The post office’s online stamp store has been a real godsend throughout. They’ll deliver as many as you want by Priority Mail for only $1. Once the invites are ready to go, I hope I can convince the woman at the post office who is a fan of my ring to hand cancel them.

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  1. Rachel at 4:42 pm

    The invitations are beautiful!! I love the ghost impression. Do everything with in your power to have them hand cancelled. I recently letterpressed my sisters invitations with Jordan’s help. My sister wasn’t able to have them hand cancelled and the outer envelope really does get pretty marked up.

  2. Claire at 4:52 pm

    I love them!! They look amazing. I think you can buy .59 stamps… have you looked into that? My sister’s wedding invites were over the limit, but they were able to buy slightly more expensive stamps with a really pretty design on them.

  3. anne at 5:02 pm

    beautiful! I really wouldn’t bother with hand cancelling, at least for those leaving San Francisco. If they go through another post office, they’ll run through their machines there. I have a spy in the post office who says hand cancelling never makes a lick of difference unless they’re all going local, and they wish people would stop wasting their own time doing this!

  4. Allison at 5:05 pm

    You can buy 59 cent stamps. I just did for my invites. They have a fairly pretty heart design in a creamy beige color that you might like.

  5. Sam at 5:50 pm

    Indeed – they are very beautiful.Congratulations!
    Do you know about
    You could make your own stamps to match the stationery. I have used them successfully a few times but leave a couple of weeks for delivery of stamps (they deliver cards much quicker)
    But they only do they standard 42 cent postage. Btw – standard postage is 42 cents now so I don’t think you’ll need the 01 cent unless I am missing something here?

  6. Allison aka HaselBride at 5:22 pm

    Beautiful invitation. I love love blind embossing.

    I’d love to know more about Goccoing the envelope liners. Did you cut them out before hand? I am having a difficult time finding paper that matches my design and Goccoing them would be just perfect! {I already plan to use Gocco to print the invites.}

  7. mrsem Author at 10:34 pm

    Gocco first and then cut. I just used plain old white printer paper.