Wedding: Second Act

Wedding: Second Act

On to the second act of the show! This was the sing-along portion and a little more relaxed.

We started with a version of Ring of Fire by our motley “band.” We had two guitars, one uke, one bass, one singer, a tambourine, a trumpet and a recruited friend on a shaking bean! Not the best cover of the song ever…but a lot of fun!

After that, we did the bouquet toss and garter toss up on stage. Tip: give your MC a list of all the singles in the crowd so you can name check each one for catching duties. Worked like a charm!

Our friends from Colorado were next with a show-stopping comic song they wrote about us called Dirty Girl & Fancy Boy. What a hit! We had octogenarian relatives singing along to the lines “Emily got diiirty” (she goes camping!) and “Rob got faaancy” (he goes antiquing!). If you want to hear it, email me for a link.

Next, our friend Peter brought up the “band” for a version of the Beatles’s Ob La De with custom lyrics about us. Everyone sang along to the chorus “Emily and Rob, they belong, yeah!” Very sweet.

For the finale, we had some family don cowboy hats and bandannas to sing Happy Trails. My nephew changed into an adorable cowboy and horse costume and galloped around like mad. My siblings started passing out the ribbon wands and birdseed tossers and everyone went outside for the big exit…

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