Gift Idea: Snowflakes

Gift Idea: Snowflakes

I’ve started putting up a few decorations for the holidays. A silver bell here, a few red bows there. I’m waiting until after the 11th (my late grandmother’s birthday) to get our tree, per family tradition.

I was given a set of these lovely wood snowflakes from Roost last week. I want to give them longer strings and hang them in a window somewhere.

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  1. the projectivist at 10:34 pm

    oh they’re lovely.
    we had some similar snowflakes last year that we used as window VM for the storefront.

    it was as simple as some fishing line to join the snowflakes top and bottom, and then hanging the trails of snowflakes from 3M hooks.

    we alternated, so that they were staggered across the window – if it’s too uniform, it just looks wrong.

    it was very pretty.