Coveted: Office Fireplace

Coveted: Office Fireplace

This may be completely unremarkable, but I don’t remember ever seeing photos of the oval office fireplace in use before. I love the idea of President Obama having a crackling fire to keep him warm while working on his first day.

Speaking of which, winter has returned with a vengeance to San Francisco. We went from high 70’s on Tuesday to rainy 50’s today. I wish I had a fireplace of my own!

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  1. Janssen at 5:52 pm

    It just looks cozy and warm, doesn’t it? Almost makes me dislike January less.

  2. Jennifer at 7:03 pm

    I wonder if he will ever go sit next to it with some of his paperwork. He must not feel any heat from it as it is so far from his desk….speaking of winter, I am in RI and a temp. in the 50’s sounds lovely. I tihnk I should book at ticket as I have never been there.

  3. Charise at 11:04 pm

    man, we’ve got a heatwave here in the midwest: went from negative-withOUT-the-windchills for the last week to FORTY today!

    and i totally think that fire is for ambiance, not warmth, but it does give the office a cozy, approachable vibe.