Party Recipe: Architecture Menu

Party Recipe: Architecture Menu

Friday’s party is getting closer and I have a pretty good menu worked out in my mind. The theme is “architectural nuevo San Diego” aka: fancy mexican food.

Pepitas and other little snacks, maybe some fruit with chili powder
Tres Equis beer, pomegranate margaritas on the rocks

Stacked salad of julienned jicama, apples, arugula, manchego with a citrus cilantro dressing.

Main Course:
Deconstructed carnitas tacos: roasted pork loin seasoned with oregano, chili powder and garlic served with roasted jalepenos stuffed with queso asadero, fingerling potatoes, roasted tomatoes, fresh avocado and tostada strips.

I haven’t finalized this. I’m leaning toward brownies and homemade cinnamon ice cream.

(Photo from Flickr user clayirving)

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  1. Tanya at 4:57 pm

    My mouth is watering at that menu! I hope youll have time to share specific recipes. The deconstructed carnitas sound amazing, and Im all for everything avocado!

  2. Catherine at 5:40 pm

    Sounds fabulous, and I’ve had good luck with Smitten Kitchen recipes too.