Thank You!

Thank You!

The internet really is the best! Thanks to your 136 comments on the holiday comments-for-cans post, I’m going to donate $150 to the San Francisco Food Bank.

This amazing organization turns every $1 donation into $9 worth of food for the community. That’s $1,350 worth of food thanks to EmilyStyle readers. And not just canned goods; 50% of the 33 million pounds of food they deliver each year consists of healthy fresh produce.

Thank you for your support and for helping the hungry. We’re in for a great year!

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  1. Maija at 5:53 pm

    That's great news – I wanted to comment on that entry, but my computer was being cranky, so I feel like I got counted after all.

    Funny thing – when you said 150 cans, I pictured you shopping for them at Safeway & then hauling 150 cans on public transit to the nearest food bank (must have been a past entry of yours about pumpkin shopping that put that image in my head!). Glad for your back's sake (and the extra value for the food bank) that you did a cash donation instead!

  2. mrsem Author at 5:56 pm

    That was my original plan…it wasn’t a great one. But then I realized that the food bank could do much more with the cash and decided to spare the adventure 🙂