To Do: Opening Night at the Opera

To Do: Opening Night at the Opera

Oh my! Last Saturday, I called to move one of my sets of opera tickets (yes, I bought a five-series of opera tickets for this season…yes, I was technically unemployed when I did this…yes, I’m a loon) on Saturday and got bumped to Opening Night.

Which means scrambling to get decked out for the black-tie opera this Friday night. Rob luckily has a nice black suit he can wear with a bow tie instead of a tux. And thanks to a mad dash shopping trip to Haight Street’s best vintage shops, I have a dress!

Vintage formal wear is the best. Not only is it cheaper, but the quality is higher and the pieces are a lot more fun. I tried on so many amazing dresses on Sunday, finally settling on a beaded Grecian gown from the 1970’s that is especially nice when sitting (important for a three hour show). All I need is a couple gardenias for my hair and we’re set.

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  1. Jesse Lu at 9:02 pm

    Oh my gosh, this sounds like so much fun… I'd love to get decked out with my boy and head to something fancy like the opera. Alas… My broke but is only getting slightly decked to check out some amazing art shows downtown on Friday night. Still fun though… and a little shi-shi.

    Oh yes, LAC… I would love to theoretically, but I'm really busy as of late, school, art, work, etc. Keep me posted though. I might be able to make one gathering eventually. It sounds like so much fun.

  2. Jenny M at 2:05 am

    You will look s'wonderful! Please post photos! I love opera… I was the only one in my 3rd grade music class that glued to the opera movie of Carmen. Love at first listen!