Things I Love Today: Ikea World Map Pillow

Things I Love Today: Ikea World Map Pillow

I love Ikea. We had such a great shopping trip there last weekend. I picked up dishtowels, napkins, lunch containers, twine and a potted plant for my new desk. Plus, my new favorite throw pillow: KETTY VĂ„RLD.

It’s a hand-embroidered world map on soft blue fabric and signed by the artist. Also available in red and black. Here are more examples of cartography textiles – apparently a big trend.

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  1. Sara at 4:31 pm

    very cool. I want to incorporate a map or two into our new house, Christoph loves all things maps so it would be fitting. I have this idea of a white posterboard with a map of the world outline on it and 2 embroidery threads tracing our moves around the world (apart when we were younger and then together, a little cheesy but oh well). I have to figure out how to do the printing, maybe an outline image printed at kinkos or something? (and now im going to stop rambling in your comments section…)

  2. Kate F. at 10:51 pm

    Ooh, I've resisted that pillow on my last few Ikea trips–love it, but it doesn't fit in my house right now. I do hope maps are a growing trend, since I'm a complete sucker for them.

  3. limeduck at 12:55 am

    Thanks for linking to my carto-quilt post. After months of flirting with the idea, I saw the Ketty Varld in black and snapped it up. I think the artist also marked her (I assume) location with a red stitch. It's working great on the couch and I've even been known to dream of faraway places while dozing off on it.