Weekend Round-Up: Nothing

Weekend Round-Up: Nothing

That’s right, I haven’t done anything at all in several days. My brilliant plan to take a few days off in between jobs was thwarted by a very bad cold. I barely got in a few errands and a dinner party during the whole week.

Adding insult to injury, my illness only got worse as the week progressed. Rob took me on a lovely architectural walking tour downtown on Friday for a few hours, but I spent the rest of the weekend in bed; watching countless dvd rentals, reading several books and trying different combinations of medicines. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick…and in July to boot.

My new job starts tomorrow and, despite now having bronchitis, I’m starting to feel human again. I think I’ll take a few days off to focus on work and recovery. Talk to you later this week!

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  1. DawnMarie at 1:10 am

    Feel better soon. Good luck with the new job.

  2. Meghan at 2:04 am

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Good luck on your first day!

  3. Anna at 2:05 am

    Feel better soon. I once started a job with pneumonia. You can and will do it well, as with everything you do.

  4. Kelly at 8:10 pm

    Positive new work vibes! Feel better!

  5. Amber at 12:53 am

    Ick – so sorry to hear you were sick! And we're sad we missed you – we'll do a dinner catch-up soon. Hope the first day went great!

  6. miche_sf at 1:33 pm

    Sounds like what I had a few weeks ago…and my husband and other friends as well. It's a real doozy – and long-lasting! I was sick for a good 10 days, and there are some lingering effects on my sense of smell…ugh! It's definitely going around. Take care!