Advent Calendar: December 3

Advent Calendar: December 3

This year, my office has gone holiday-decoration-crazy. There’s at least 200 feet of pine boughs with twinkle lights, poinsettias, bows…it’s lovely and my favorite thing for December 3rd!

Earlier this week, I bought a little Christmas tree for my desk from a flower stand downtown. Such an urban little tree, on display right there on the sidewalk among the skyscrapers. Like that scene in “When Harry Met Sally” (start at 3:20).

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  1. Anonymous at 5:55 pm

    Now, don't take this the wrong way…but you look like you're glowing and hiding behind a potted plant…now, it could just be Christmas Cheer or….a little Em?

  2. mrsem Author at 6:03 pm

    HA! NO! That glow is entirely thanks to Mac's Desert Rose blush and it being 50 degrees outside.

  3. Jessica at 10:27 pm

    I was gonna say you look cute as a button too- although I had no bebe suspicions.